• How to color your hair extensions

    First comb out your extensions.  We usually lay out the track across a table with the full track folded in half one time.  But you can also work with the extensions while it is bundled, which ever you find easier.  Make sure that any and all products are washed out before you start the process.  You can let it air dry or use a blow dryer with cool air.  If you use heat it will loosen some of the waves or curls so don’t use heat.  If you’re in a hurry, you can also just towel dry the hair and start the process while the hair is damp but not soaking wet.  

    Next you will need a 30 developer, hair bleach,hair color, gloves, a mixing bowl, foil, and a tint/dying brush.  If you’re just lifting/ bleaching the hair then you won’t need the hair color.  Follow the mixing instructions that came with the bleach. 

    Now that your hair and mixture is ready, it is time to begin the application.  Whether just bleaching or coloring, we usually start a job by lifting/bleaching the hair first with one application.  Using the tint brush, apply the mixture at the desired height of the hair track to achieve a high, medium, or low ombre effect. 

    Note: If you want the ends to be lighter, apply the bleach to the bottom first, wait about 10 minutes, then come back and apply more bleach to the rest of the hair.

    For a whole color effect you can apply the bleach to all of the hair.  Be sure to get the mixture on every strand of hair that you want colored.  We usually turn the tracks over and apply on both sides to achieve this.  Once all the desired hair is covered with the mixture, cover the hair in foil and let it sit.  It should take about 45 minutes for the hair to get its brightest for that particular application. Once the desired brightness is achieved, wash out the bleach thoroughly and then let it sit in conditioner.   You can get it brighter by doing a second or third application of bleach.  Just remember that the higher you bleach it, the more you are damaging the hair. 

    Note: If you want it to lighten faster, you can apply some kind of heat like a blow dryer or heating pad while it is setting in the foil.  But be careful and check on it to make sure that the hair is not getting lighter than you want it to be. 

    Now that the hair is bleached, it is time to color it.  In this case we will describe how we use semi-permanent color.  Prepare the hair as you did before.  Follow the mixing instructions that came with the color.  Apply the color to the hair just like you did with the bleach before.  For long lasting vibrant effects let the semi-permanent color sit for as long as you can.  If we have time, we will let the color sit overnight.  If you are using permanent color just let it sit for 30 to 40 minutes.  Once you let it sit rinse out the color with cold water and condition.  After you finished conditioning let the hair air dry for the best results or use a diffuser if you’re in a hurry. 

    If you are trying to get a bright color but you just can’t seem to get the color of the hair to match what’s on the box or bottle, you may have to create a blank painting canvas by lifting the hair 2 or 3 more times before applying the color.  Take your time and try not to rush.  Have some tea while you wait.  If you really have time, try and condition or even deep condition the hair in between processes.  This may help to reduce damage to the hair when you are trying to get it really really bright.  

  • ​​How to maintain your hair

    Our hair goes through a lot, and quite often we either forget, don't have the time,  or don’t know how to maintain our hair took keep it looking 100%.  There are several different products that you can find at beauty supply stores that are designed to make your hair do what you want it to do.  In this article we will explain key steps on how to maintain hair that may have lost its luster.

    A lot of times when our hair needs some care, we wash our hair and MIGHT apply conditioner really quick before rinsing and drying.  Maybe there’s not enough time, maybe the conditioner hasn't been distributed well, or maybe no conditioner was used at all.  Whatever the case, a lot of us can’t seem to get it right because the hair winds up in same condition as it was before.  When we maintain hair we will use whatever shampoo and conditioner is on sale for whatever goal we are trying to achieve such as reducing frizz, moisturizing, polishing, etc.   But just about any brand will work as long as it is combed through, allowed to sit, and kept moist.  First we wash the hair thoroughly then apply conditioner, comb it through, and let it sit for at least an hour while keeping the hair moist.    Once the conditioner has set in, rinse it out and let it air dry or blown dry with no heat.  That’s it!  Now you can enjoy your investment all over again.  

  • What is remy hair and how is it related to tangling?
    • In the world of hair extensions it can be very confusing as to what good hair is.  What is good to one may not be good to another.  It all depends on what their needs and wants are.  One person may want softer, finer hair and one may want hair extensions that are a little coarser to match their own hair.  Whatever the need, no one wants hair that tangles.  Oh nooooo!   

      When hair cuticles run in the same direction they tend not to tangle, this is remy hair.  When hair cuticles run in the opposite direction the hair will tangle, this is non-remy hair.  Once the hair is cut off the donors head, it is very important to immediately band together all the hair in order to keep all the cuticles running in the same direction.  In the business of collecting hair no strand goes ungathered.  So even fallen hair (hair strands that are not kept together with the cuticles in the same direction) is eventually swept up and gathered by someone to trade or sell, and will often have complications such as tangling.   There lies the difference between remy hair and non-remy hair.

      “Good Hair” varies on what your hair goals are.  However all good hair should have similar attributes such as no tangling, the ability to be colored, no melting, and minimal shedding.  Any hair has the potential to tangle if not cared for properly.  Even remy hair takes care to keep it in great condition, just not as much as non-remy.  It can be very easy to care for and maintain your extensions.  Just have a look at our hair restoration tips if you want to know how to maintain or restore your hair extensions. 

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